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Groupage Services

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    • Siparişi Vermeniz Yeter,Yükünüz Teslimat Adresinde
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About us,

We are an internationally active company operating for more than 25 years in the transport sector.

We work as a forwarding and shipping agent as for foreign and domestic companies. Our experienced team can manage in all areas and provide any alternative transport options for you. Mostly Special transport, particular project transports and also complete and partial cargoes from Europe to Turkey and Middle Eastern countries and vice versa, we can with our partner companies carry out any kind of transports. We have our agents in many countries with whom we cooperate.

We would be pleased if you can cooperate with us. If you have questions you are welcome to take our consulting services.

We are always available to you to get your questions competitive with our professional staff.


Our Services,

Complete and partial-groupage transport

Our company is providing complete and partial (groupage) transportation services between Turkey and Europe

Regular Groupage  Countries:

Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, England,

Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland

Norway, Sweden, Finland



Saudi Arabia, Lebanon

Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,Montenegro


Heavy and special transport  &  Project transport

            Those are the transportation of nonstandard loads we conduct with special vehicles along with the company of escorts. Since natural factors like roads, bridges and tunnels are determining elements at those transportations, they are organized by making vehicle plans suitable to loads and sizes.   

For heavy loads, low-bed vehicles which have multi-axles and high cutting resistance are used.

For loads with the height exceeding 3.60 m, pooled low-beds are used and their height from the ground is 40-80 cm.

For long loads we are using openable and extensible low-bed vehicles.

              Transporting the objects which cannot be transported to their destinations by using a single method due to their size features, to their destination by using all transportation modes (multi-model).

In transportation of every kind of turbines, transformers, powerhouses, special equipments, big boilers, towers, windmills, heavy machines, work machines, silos, Agriculture Machines, Military Materials,



Transit transport

Our company is transporting the transit transportations which go from Europe to Arab states and Central Asia Turkish Republics through Turkey and the goods which arrive at the ports to the third countries.


Load engineering and consultancy

Determining transportation modes,

Determining routes and road studies,


Load and vehicle optimization,

               Feasibility studies,

Providing consultancy and engineering services for the issues stated above free of charge.


Permission and escort services

Providing all required special permission and escort services for every kind of special vehicles and special loads.


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